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A web-site is using my name in its banner ad without my permission. I would like to know whether the web-site is violating my rights or any law. May I request the web-site to at least stop the advertisement? 08.06.2011
A company that I work for doesn’t pay salaries for a few months. According to unofficial information, the owner of the company plans to submit application for initiation of the insolvency proceedings. What are the chances to receive unpaid salary, if the company will be declared bankrupt? 08.06.2011
I want to buy a garage for my son. He’s married. How to make an entry in the Land Register so that the garage is deemed his own private property. I don’t want to execute this transaction in two stages, i.e. to register myself as the owner and then make the property over to my son by means of the gift. Is there a way to make this transaction in one go? I don’t want to ask the wife of my son to sign any documents. 08.06.2011
A friend of mine asked me to lend him some money. Though I know that person for a long time, I want him to issue a relevant promissory note. Therefore I would like to know whether it is necessary to notarize the promissory note or not? 08.06.2011
I drove at 50 km/h – permitted speed limit in a populated area. The traffic police stopped me and informed that the speed limit was exceeded. I asked to show the speed displayed on the radar, but the police officer informed me that he used a built-in radar and he’s not obliged to show it. After that a report-decision was drawn-up for the imposing of the fine. I would like to know whether such actions of the police are lawful? 08.06.2011
We’ve been told in a bank that member of the board of our company has to renew his representation rights in the Register of Enterprises since the term of his representation right has expired. What documents shall we submit to the Register of Enterprises and how long will it take to renew his representation rights? 05.05.2010
Is it true that a company can be protected from claims of the creditors for a period of one year upon court order? In what cases the procedure can be initiated? 05.05.2010
We would like to give an apartment as a gift to our daughter, who is 16 and wants to start living independently. According to the Land Register my husband is the only owner of the apartment. Is it true that a permission of the Orphan’s court is needed before we proceed with signing the gift agreement at a notary? 05.05.2010
My wallet containing cash and payment cards was stolen. Unfortunately thief managed to withdraw some money from the card before it was blocked. I heard that a bank has to compensate all losses in such cases. Is it really so and what should I do in order to receive my money back? 05.05.2010
There was an attachment placed on my immovable property prior to bringing a court action. Therefore I’m unable to act with my property until the dispute won’t be finally settled in the court, which may take a lot of time. The claim of the plaintiff is absolutely unfounded. What can be done in this case? 05.05.2010
I would like to buy a company in Latvia. The seller, who owns 100% of the equity capital shares, wants to receive the purchase price at the time of signing purchase contract and other documents. But I’m worried about the transfer of ownership rights after the purchase price is paid. What if for some reason I won’t be registered in the Register of Enterprises as the new owner or the previous member of the board won’t be recalled? Is there a way to avoid such risks when buying a company? 21.04.2010
Why is it forbidden to carry a weapon to concerts in Latvia if I have the right to carry a weapon according to the law? 21.04.2010
I’m not able to perform the obligations of the mortgage loan agreement due to financial difficulties for about 6 months now. The bank (in Latvia) is ready to extend the loan repayment period only in case of my consent to the amendments of the loan agreement, which prescribe the rise of the interest rate. Otherwise my property will be sold through auction. Is there any way to solve this problem? 14.04.2010
I’m not satisfied with judgment of the court regarding the recovery of losses. How to file for an appeal? 14.04.2010
I’ve given immovable property (an apartment) to my relative as a gift in 2005, but prior to that received a mortgage loan, which was secured by husband’s property. At the moment I’m unable to pay the loan, so probably the bank will sell the pledged property of my husband through auction. I’m afraid the money received from the sale of the pledged property won’t suffice to fully satisfy the debt, and the bank, knowing about the gift I made, will demand satisfaction of the debt from the apartment gifted to my relative. 14.04.2010

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