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Why is it forbidden to carry a weapon to concerts in Latvia if I have the right to carry a weapon according to the law? 21.04.2010
A security company, which is liable for maintaining security at the public events, is entitled to forbid the visitors to carry a weapon at a concert in accordance with the law on safety of the public entertainments and festive events. According to the law a security company is an entity that has acquired a special permit (licence) to perform security guard activities and is entitled to maintain public order at the relevant event on the basis of the contract concluded with the event organizer.
According to Section 13 of the Law on safety of the public entertainments and festive events, a security company is obliged to control and prevent people that carry fire-arms (as well as explosive materials, flammable and toxic substances, psychotropic substances, drugs, etc.) from attending the event.
Moreover the aforementioned law prescribes obligations also for the guests of the relevant event. According to Section 14 of the law, the visitors of the public event shall obey the instructions of the security company in regard to safety and public order. If the visitors of the public event fail to fulfil this obligation they shall be brought to liability.
Therefore, it is allowed to carry a weapon if the relevant permit is received, it is also allowed to use it, however, it is strictly forbidden to carry one at a concert.

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