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LIVE RĪGA – the First Major Project Created to Improve Latvia’s Image

Viktor Koposov, president of the law office INLAT PLUS, was one of the numerous participants at LIVE RĪGA Partners’ Forum. He shared with our readers some of his ideas regarding this project and development of tourism in the capital of Latvia.

The Forum gathered together more than 300 businessmen who do care about Riga’s future.

Much to my surprise the initial attitude towards this remarkable project aimed at development of tourism in Riga was quite controversial in this city. As to me I can see a lot of potential for business people in this project. The very organization of the project LIVE RĪGA itself is a very positive step. Since I personally like this project I would like to support it.

First of all, let’s talk about the brand LIVE RĪGA that was sharply criticized by some of the local mass media. I have a different opinion in this regard.

The word-combination LIVE RĪGA itself seems rather bizarre to some people, as well as its logo – a heart with an eye inside it. Those who criticize this logo seem to have forgotten that since the dawn of time it was typical for people to depict feelings in an abstract way.

Those who created the brand LIVE RĪGA are highly qualified professionals and they really did a great job. They developed this brand bearing in mind the main rule of marketing that says: “Dare to be different!” They have developed an abstract composition of the image of tourism. Heart is one of directions for development of tourism, it symbolizes warmth and love. As to the eye – we always perceive new information with the help of our eyes…

Cognition comes through comparison. Let me give you one example from the sphere of art. There is a famous painting “Guernica” painted by Pablo Picasso in 1937. This work brought him international fame. If you look at this painting you will see a grotesque depiction of human grief, sufferings and distress – this is the way Picasso showed tragic consequences of the bombing of Guernica, Basque country, by Luftwaffe warplanes during the Spanish Civil War. Newspapers of that time were full of criticism: they said that the painting was awful, that one could see mostly backs instead of human faces, etc. In the course of time people learnt to appreciate Picasso’s masterpiece and today this painting is a treasure for all mankind.

If we are talking about the project LIVE RĪGA in general I think people should be grateful to Riga City Council and Riga Tourism Development Bureau since such a project is especially necessary under the circumstances of economic recession.

The project LIVE RĪGA will pave the way for the development of tourism, it will create new working places, and not just for waiters and maids. Tourism infrastructure is a very versatile one. It includes reconstruction and renovation of historic monuments, construction of new hotels and concert halls, opening of new cafes and restaurants, organization of exhibitions. Finally, it is also law enforcement performed by police. I believe a newly created institution – tourism police – is a very good idea.

Clients of our law office INLAT PLUS - foreign tourists – often complain that some restaurants in Riga have two different menus, the one offered to foreigners contains prices which are much higher than those meant for local people. We also have quite an experience in respect of protection of foreign tourists against illegal activities or, on the contrary, legal protection of foreigners who have violated our legislation.

One of the crucial aspects of the LIVE RĪGA program as it was announced at the Partners’ Forum is to improve the quality of services rendered to tourists which, in its turn, will improve the quality of life for all Riga’s residents and tourists visiting our city (since a shop assistant or a waiter not always can tell the difference between a tourist and a local resident).

Unfortunately Latvia’s image has deteriorated lately. LIVE RĪGA is the first mayor project aimed at improving the situation and the vision of our country in general. I’m sure this project will attract a lot of supporters owing to its extremely positive influence.

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