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16 January
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Amendments to the Law on Immigration of Latvia
On January 1, 2018, the amendments to the Law on Immigration came into effect, which provide the elimination of exceptions for certain categories of foreigners who did not have to pay a state fee for the first time by repeatedly requesting a temporary residence permit.
New changes in the Immigration Law of Latvia
On March 2, 2017 the new amendments to the Immigration Law of Latvia (hereinafter referred to as  - the Law) came into effect, according to which several new grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Latvia (hereinafter referred to  as –TRP), as well as the conditions for obtaining a TRP on the basis of registration of a representative of a foreign merchant.
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Since its foundation in 1996 the law office “INLAT PLUS” has been one of the most active and leading companies providing legal service in Latvia. The variety of the qualified legal services provided by the company will meet the most demanding requirements of its clients (legal and physical persons).

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How one can easily move to Latvia

Law office INLAT PLUS has been offering its services on the Latvian market for more than 15 years. Among clients of the firm there are Latvian residents, as well as many foreigners, including Russians and nationals of other post-Soviet countries. INLAT PLUS board chairman Viktors Koposovs has shared with us what is so attractive about Latvia.
- The amount of Russian investments into the Republic of Latvia was different throughout the years, but it never ran out. Considering the new possibilities of obtaining residence permits the amount of investments has significantly increased recently. “We’ve felt the increase”, said Viktors Koposovs. The Latvian residence permit may be obtained through investment of LVL 200 000 in Latvian banks for a term of 5 years, through the purchase of real property priced at LVL 100 000 or LVL 50 000, or through investment of LVL 25 000 or LVL 100 000 in the equity capital of Latvian companies. It is possible to obtain a residence permit on the basis of becoming board member of a company or representative of a foreign company. In all cases referred above we help our clients to obtain a residence permit on a turnkey basis – from start to finish.

As to the purchase of real estate, due to possibility of discussing all issues through internet a person may come to us only once to sign the agreement, whereupon we start searching for the property the client is interested in. After that we email the client with the results of the performed search. When the client finds the right property, he travels to Latvia in order to see the property in person. If the client is satisfied with found property, we proceed with assisting our client in performing the transaction for purchasing the property and applying for the residence permit.

- It has been one and a half years since new edition of the Immigration Law came into effect. How did it affect the client flow?

- The process has become stable. People show interest and willing to buy. Current customers take confident decisions.

- As to the entrepreneurship, which business sector foreigners find most attractive?

- Medicine, education, logistics, tourism. Investments in manufacturing industry are often considered as well. At the first instance, the entrepreneurs show interest in taxation issues. The business requires positive environment. For the time being, Latvia is attractive to Russians and their interest does not decrease.

Latvia has advantages because of its membership in EU. With this in mind, many Russian businessmen, and specifically those whose business is focused on the EU market, start moving its business to Latvia. People are considering possibilities of buying business, purchase of shares. From our part, we render assistance in purchasing process, as well as further support of business. Nationals from other countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Israel, are also interested in doing business within EU.

- Apart from transactions associated with obtaining residence permit, transfer of business to Latvia, what else do you offer foreigners?

- We are ready to provide assistance in family related cases, inheritance, property division. For example, a Russian national would like to divorce a Latvian national, but they don’t know how to divide the joint property, or it is difficult and expensive to divorce in Russia. So we may help this couple to dissolve their marriage – such marriages of Latvian non-residents with Latvian residents upon their mutual agreement may be dissolved in Latvia at public notary’s office without any time-consuming court proceedings. It shall be noted, however, that if a couple may not reach an agreement, the marriage shall be dissolved through court.

INLAT PLUS is a full-service law firm dealing with any legal issue in different countries. We provide legal services in different languages: our website contains information in 20 languages. If there’s a necessity to help Hindi-speaking foreigners, we will provide appropriate assistance. Law office INLAT PLUS is a member of Latvian British Chamber of Commerce in UK and American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia. This, of course, makes it easier to solve problems in other countries, as well as provide assistance to Russian citizens. And this is very symbolic, considering that Latvia and Russia historically have a lot in common. Why not use such opportunity?