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16 January
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Amendments to the Law on Immigration of Latvia
On January 1, 2018, the amendments to the Law on Immigration came into effect, which provide the elimination of exceptions for certain categories of foreigners who did not have to pay a state fee for the first time by repeatedly requesting a temporary residence permit.
New changes in the Immigration Law of Latvia
On March 2, 2017 the new amendments to the Immigration Law of Latvia (hereinafter referred to as  - the Law) came into effect, according to which several new grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Latvia (hereinafter referred to  as –TRP), as well as the conditions for obtaining a TRP on the basis of registration of a representative of a foreign merchant.
Член Торгово-промышленной палаты Латвии Latvijas Tirdzniecības un Rūpniecības Kameras biedrs Member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Since its foundation in 1996 the law office “INLAT PLUS” has been one of the most active and leading companies providing legal service in Latvia. The variety of the qualified legal services provided by the company will meet the most demanding requirements of its clients (legal and physical persons).

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Complex Legal Services

COMPLEX LEGAL SERVICE — provides rendering of different legal and the related services on a permanent basis within the limits of a contract concluded with us.

COMPLEX LEGAL SERVICE is offered to a client taking into account all spheres of his/ her commercial activities with the aim at carry on a long-term and successful business including: contracts, courts, legislation, taxation, audit, commercial structures formation, representation, real estate, covering the issues of transactions security, accounting support, etc. It is possible to find more detailed information regarding the scope of services rendered by our Company on our web site section "Services".

The scope, forms and methods of service, as well as price for the COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE will be defined and set according to a client's wish as agreed upon the parties. A lawyer providing continuous relationship and interaction with a client will be fixed after a particular customer. Within the limits of the COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE the specialists representing the highly qualified personnel of our office operating according to different profiles and providing settlement of any legal issue of a customer will be at a client's disposal. As separately agreed with a client it is possible to involve the specialists representing public institutions — barristers, notaries public, public auditors, etc.

One of the key ideas of the COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE — is to save time of a client and provide maximum diversified necessary legal cover of his/ her business on the duly qualified level. A client enjoys the right of option of the scope of services rendered.

There are certain advantages in a clients' service within the limits of the COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE:
  • a client is provided with the personnel representing highly qualified specialists operating according to different profiles;
  • a specialist will go a the place of performance of a customer or at the place of service rendering including abroad;
  • it is possible to render legal service on the remote control basis (by Internet, facsimile and applying other modern telecommunication means);
  • documents will be made on any foreign language;
  • suitable location at the center of Riga (40, Brivibas Street) near a large parking space;
  • due practice experience of our specialists in the sphere of legal service rendering;
  • feedback available with a client, that is, we meet wish of a client and are able to offer the actions aimed at successful running of your business.

The values of COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE for our clients lie in the fact that companies' management is relieved from settlement of a lot of everyday problems, which enables to be engaged more close in its business development. It is the fact being interesting at the same time that companies' accountants interested in not only the taxation related issues and also in legal aspects represent the largest consumers of legal services, as the management of many companies imposes just on them legal issues covering.

We should note that our bureau partner's relationship established with many barristers and law offices in different countries allows expand the scope of matters settled by us for our clients abroad (in Germany, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia).

In view of the forthcoming joining by Latvia the European Union the inflow of foreign clients has increased who demand a particular attitude and greater scope of services. That is why we have expanded our service. So, for example, Italian businessmen who started their business in Latvia requested to include in the comprehensive legal service not only legal support on business foundation and the related service provision, but also premises for office, book-keeping and accounting support, a nominee to act as managing director, recommendations regarding banks, supply regarding real estate, etc. No doubt, they were duly provided with the necessary services covering their matters on representation basis.

Article in magazine Eva&Adam on May 2007, translation

Chairman of the board of the law office “INLAT PLUS” Viktor Koposov believes that lawyer to a certain extent is like a doctor. If a client trusts the lawyer he will turn to him for help, if he does not – he won’t. Nobody would entrust his health to a doctor whose competence raises doubts. In my opinion, complex legal service is a special degree of confidence. Time itself makes people choose this kind of service.

Lately complex legal service has become very popular among businessmen. As to the complex legal service offered by our law office it includes a wide range of legal assistance both in Latvia and abroad. Why this kind of service is in demand nowadays? There are a lot of reasons: constantly changing legislation, Latvia’s membership in the EU, development of business activity… Many companies started to work with foreign partners, therefore a lot of problems arise which often demand a businessman’s presence abroad. However people would like to solve their problems without leaving their office in Latvia. Let me tell you one example. A truck loaded with the cargo (whose owner is our client) was detained by German custom service, the driver was arrested. He could barely manage to make one telephone call to Riga, to his employer – our client. Our client called us, we immediately contacted our partner – a German law office – and told them everything. By the end of the day the conflict was practically solved. Luckily, the driver was not guilty, but even if he had been our German partners would represent our client’s interests in Germany.

Why is complex legal service so preferable? A company signs a contract with a law office where the main conditions of the complex legal service are stipulated, e.g. drafting of all legal documents (contracts, letters, claims etc.), legal support of deeds, tax advice, communication with financial institutions (banks etc.), state institutions (financial inspection etc.), representation of client’s interests in the court, assistance in personal matters. A contract also contains payment terms and its validity.

Since the contract is signed the client needs to make just one phone call to receive competent legal assistance. It concerns any situation, such as drafting of an agreement or legal support during business negotiations, or defence of legal interests of the client who became a participant of a car accident. It is worth mentioning that the client will not have to worry about payment because it is specified in the contract.

As to terms of payment the client can choose one of several options. The first option is the most popular – fixed montly payment. The second option is when the client transfers a certain sum to our banking account which is “spent” in proportion to the amount of fulfilled work. And the third option – first of all, work is assessed, then the client pays a prepayment and then the final payment is paid after work is done.

What are other advantages of the complex legal assistance? It is a scheme of mutual interaction. Any big company faces a great variety of different problems every day and it is next to impossible to control everything. Very often within the framework of complex legal service when we already know the activity of the company from within we can give some advice or consultation on our own initiative. Or sometimes we can pay our client’s attention to some certain issues. E.g. we can point out that bookkeeping is not done in a proper way, or contracts are drafted incorrectly, or the client pays for certain goods or services much more than he can actually pay because there are legal ways how to pay less etc.

Drafting contracts is an important part of complex legal service. It means we analyse the contracts our client is going to sign not only from the point of view of law but also in the interests of our client. It is an open secret that any contract can be drafted in such a way that it defends interests of one party only. Therefore it is important that we as specialists if not draft them but at least check them.

As to the feedback, I can mention a lot of cases which prove that complex legal service is very useful. For example, one our client – a Latvian company – was contacted by a foreign company offering to found a joint venture on the basis of this Latvian company. The foreign company was ready to invest 100 000 EUR into the joint venture under confition that the Latvian company would invest the same sum. For our client this offer was totally unexpected. On the one hand they did not have enough assets at the moment to make an investment. On the other hand, the perspective of a joint venture was very tempting. We found a way out of the situation. We invited the foreigners to the negotiations and proved to them that our client… already had invested their 100 000 EUR to the future company. How? Well, our client is well-known in Latvia, his trademark is popular and prestigious, he has connections, regular customers, stable business, his company has been working for several years already, etc... So they would not have to start business from the very start. The foreigners agreed. Then we told them that our client’s brand was 80 000 EUR worth and as a result of the deed the foreigners would use this brand. Then we pointed out our client was ready to invest the remaining 20 000 EUR. The foreign partners agreed with that as well, so a preliminary agreement was signed immediately. This joint venture is still working and is very successful.

Complex legal service has become very popular since Latvia joined the EU. One more example: one of our clients is a big company which sells metal equipment. Most of its products are exported to England where they have a long-term partner. Once the partners decided to make some amendments to the agreement, change prices etc. Since they had never had any problems with negotiating before and all the issues had always been settled just by means of a telephone conversation, our client decided everything was settled and sent a regular parcel of metal pipes to England. The English partners did not make any payment. Why? The English partners explained: “Why should we pay you since the previous agreement is no longer valid but a new one has not been signed yet?! When the contract is signed we will pay for the pipes”. The situation seemed hopeless. From the point of view of Latvian legislation the foreign partners were right. Fortunately we found certain EU regulations which were violated by the foreign partner. So we held negotiations and as a result our client received the payment from the English partner!

I would like to stress that contracting parties are free to choose not only applicable legislation but also the court where all arising disputes shall be settled. As to the choice of court, foreigners’ position is usually like that: “How can we stipulate Latvian court in the contract? It is obvious that we will lose the case as we are foreigners”. Once as a compromise we even offered Stockholm arbitration court as an independent institution. You should also bear in mind that it is very important to stipulate the s.c. arbitration clause in the agreement.

Another advantage of the complex legal service is that it also contains assistance in personal matters. When people get into unexpected situations they are at a loss. So it is very important when there is a lawyer you can call in such a desperate situation, get a professional legal advice from him. One more example: once at 6 a.m. I got a telephone call from our client: “Victor, I shot a man, what shall I do?” The situation was extraordinary. The businessman left his flat early in the morning and was going to work. On his way to work, when our client was passing by his summer cottage he noticed the thieves who were stealing his property! As a citizen he is entitled to bear weapon. So the businessman pulled out his gun and shot one of the thieves. Our client was deeply shocked as any normal person would be in his situation. I told him what he should do next and he immediately received qualitative legal assistance.

To sum it up I would like to stress that by means of complex legal service one can solve a whole range of problems.