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I once received a residence permit as a citizen of Russia through the purchase of real estate. Now I have another citizenship – Israel. What should I do so that in the future I appear in the OCMA database as an Israeli citizen, and not as a Russian citizen?

03.03.2023 Karina Katz, lawyer

First of all, you need to update your data in the OCMA database and get a new residence permit card (where it will be indicated that you are an Israeli citizen). After that, you will be able to apply for registration of a residence permit, as well as for a repeated residence permit as an Israeli citizen. It is important to follow exactly the above procedure, because if you immediately apply for a new residence permit as an Israeli citizen, the OCMA will oblige you to pay a one-time state fee of 5,000 euros, even if you have recently paid this fee when applying for a repeated residence permit with your Russian passport.

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