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We are willing to buy a house and two plots of land underneath it. The house was built about 20 years ago, but has not yet been in commission and is not registered in any way. The owner of the house owns the plot of land on which the house is located, as well as the adjacent plot on which part of the house is located. Could you please advise, what should I pay attention to in this transaction and are there any penalties that can be imposed? 30.01.2024 Does the seller have to return my money if he sells a poor quality product, and in what time frame does the seller have to respond to my claim? 16.01.2024 How can I retract a media article if it defames me and harms my reputation? 21.12.2023 How to make a will correctly? 23.11.2023 I live in a rented apartment and I am 17 days past due on my monthly rent. The lease agreement establishes the right of the lessor to terminate the agreement in case of delay of more than 15 days. The lessor terminated the contract on this basis and demands to move out of the apartment. Is there any possibility to challenge such termination on the part of the lessor? 09.10.2023 Is there any deadline for filing documents for registration of ownership rights of real estate after signing a purchase or donation agreement? 24.08.2023 I have dual citizenship of Russia and Israel. Can I enter the territory of Latvia through the Russian-Latvian border? 06.06.2023 In order to apply for the status of a permanent resident of the European Union, I, as a citizen of Russia, must answer a number of additional questions from the OCMA. Can I somehow get away from the awkward questions and provide general answers? 23.05.2023 Under what conditions is the conscription for compulsory military service carried out in Latvia now, and in what cases can a citizen not serve? 17.05.2023 Can I be deprived of a permanent residence permit in Latvia if I am not in Latvia for a long time? 29.03.2023
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