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In May my child has turned 18. He is studying at a technical school, does not work yet. Until which age the father is supposed to pay the child support? And what would be the size of the child support? 21.07.2021 We are a multi-child family, for 6 years we have been waiting for our turn to be able to obtain an apartment from the Riga municipality, but the queue is moving very slowly. In 2 years, the eldest child will turn 18, and we will lose the right to obtain an apartment from the local municipality. Is there a certain period within which the local government is obliged to grant an apartment? Are there any other government support programs for large families to solve the housing problem? 20.07.2021 An employee asks the employer to grant him/her a short-term interest-free loan. The employee offered the employer to deduct a certain amount from his/her monthly salary to repay a loan. The employee is eager to sign an agreement and consent to deduction from salary. Is it legal? 01.07.2021 How long will the divorce proceedings take in court, and can the spouse be barred from using the spouse’s surname after the divorce? 12.05.2021 Can a foreigner currently enter Latvia on the basis of a Schengen visa to receive medical services? 23.04.2021 Is it necessary to indicate the personal identity number on the invoice if it is issued to an individual? 12.04.2021 What additional obligations will the employer undertake from March 16, 2021 in connection with the emergency situation introduced in Latvia? 18.03.2021 Can you please tell me if there are any restrictions during a pandemic on filing an application to the court for the debtor’s insolvency? 01.02.2021 Can passengers from different households travel in the same car during an emergency situation? 15.01.2021 What administrative liability may arise if an economic activity is carried out without registration? 29.12.2020
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