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A drone was used in the wrong place to film city objects. The man was detained by the police, who seized the phone and the drone and drew up a protocol. Can I return the equipment and how much is the penalty? 30.08.2022 Is it possible to submit documents issued in Ukraine to a Latvian state institution without Apostille? 19.08.2022 As far as I know, now banks in Latvia are reluctant to open accounts for new companies founded by non-residents. Is it possible to open a new company in Latvia without opening a bank account? 27.07.2022 I have a residence permit in Latvia based on the purchase of real estate. My wife is a Russian citizen. Can my spouse get a residence permit on the basis of family reunification, taking into consideration that the issuance of residence permits to Russian citizens is now suspended? 21.07.2022 The company has entered into work and labour contract with a self-employed person and pays him remuneration. Can the State Revenue Service recognize such legal relations as labor relations and fine them? 19.07.2022 Is it possible to renounce citizenship of Latvia and what would be the procedure? 02.06.2022 Leaking roof in an apartment building. Who should fix it? 28.01.2022 We live in a rented apartment, the rental contract was concluded by my husband for a period of 25 years. Unfortunately, my husband died recently. Will I be oust from the apartment now? 02.11.2021 I have a residence permit in Latvia on the basis of employment with a specific employer. Can I get unemployed status after being laid off and receive unemployment benefits? 14.09.2021 My grandparents were born and lived in Latvia before 1940 and later. I was born in Riga. My mother was born in Riga in 1945. In 1966 she got married and moved to Moscow. In 1989 I left Moscow and moved to Israel and received Israeli citizenship. Can I obtain (restore) Latvian citizenship without renouncing Israeli citizenship. 26.08.2021
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