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Is it possible to obtain a temporary residence permit in Latvia on the basis of self-employment? 21.10.2020 Is it possible to remotely revoke all the powers of attorney previously issued by the company? 30.09.2020 If an employee works on Saturday or Sunday based on an employment contract, is he or she entitled to any additional pay for holiday work? 25.09.2020 I am going to launch my small pleasure boat, is it allowed to sail in Latvia with a craft registered in the Russian Federation, and for how long is it allowed? 10.09.2020 In accordance with the regulatory enactments adopted in Latvia in an emergency situation, the term of validity of decisions, permits and other documents issued by Latvian institutions is extended for a period of up to three months after the end of the emergency situation (June 9, 2020). Does this mean that in case if the term specified in the decision of the Latvian Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs for receiving a residence permit ID card in Latvia has expired during an emergency situation, it is necessary to receive a residence permit ID card no later than September 9, 2020? 07.09.2020 Does the bank inform the tax authority when cash has been withdrawn from the account of a foreign company? 28.07.2020 The employee returned from a vacation that he or she spent in a country with an increased number of cases of Covid-19, in connection with which the employee is forced to observe self-isolation for 14 days. For this reason, the employee cannot go to work during this period. How can this employee’s idle time be issued and by whom should it be paid? 16.07.2020 After death, the father left a will, according to which all property bequeathed to one of two sons (spouse is absent). Does the other son owe a preferential hereditary share, despite the existence of this will? And can a will be challenged? 22.05.2020 I am returning to Latvia. What requirements do I have to meet in relation to the implemented emergency? 16.04.2020 I want to buy a weapon. Is it possible to get a medical certificate for that in the Covid-19 circumstances? 07.04.2020
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