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Can I be deprived of a permanent residence permit in Latvia if I am not in Latvia for a long time? 29.03.2023 I am a foreigner, I want to start a business in Latvia and open a company. To register a company, you need to open a temporary account and to contribute capital into it. As far as I know, at present it is very difficult or almost impossible for a foreigner to open a temporary account in Latvia for a new company. Are there any solutions to this problem? 24.03.2023 I once received a residence permit as a citizen of Russia through the purchase of real estate. Now I have another citizenship – Israel. What should I do so that in the future I appear in the OCMA database as an Israeli citizen, and not as a Russian citizen? 03.03.2023 Are there any risks when selling real estate in installments? The buyer offers to make a down payment, and then pay a certain amount monthly. What happens if he stops paying? 27.02.2023 I am a citizen of Russia, whereas my mother, a citizen of Latvia, lives in Latvia. Can I apply for a residence permit based on the fact that I am the son of a Latvian citizen? 27.01.2023 I receive (at the address of my apartment) letters addressed to a company that, without my consent, uses my address as its legal address. How can I cancel such a registration of a legal address? 24.01.2023 Do I need to get an identity card (eID card) before January 1, 2023? 07.12.2022 I’m a citizen of Russia. Me and my girlfriend (who is a citizen of Latvia) have officially entered into the same-sex marriage in Denmark. We would like to reside in Latvia as a family. Am I entitled to apply for the residence permit in Latvia based on my marriage? 21.11.2022 How to dissolve a marriage if the spouse is against it? 11.11.2022 We haven’t lived with my wife for over a year. Where and how can you quickly get a divorce? 09.11.2022
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