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Is there any deadline for filing documents for registration of ownership rights of real estate after signing a purchase or donation agreement? 24.08.2023 I have dual citizenship of Russia and Israel. Can I enter the territory of Latvia through the Russian-Latvian border? 06.06.2023 In order to apply for the status of a permanent resident of the European Union, I, as a citizen of Russia, must answer a number of additional questions from the OCMA. Can I somehow get away from the awkward questions and provide general answers? 23.05.2023 Under what conditions is the conscription for compulsory military service carried out in Latvia now, and in what cases can a citizen not serve? 17.05.2023 Can I be deprived of a permanent residence permit in Latvia if I am not in Latvia for a long time? 29.03.2023 I am a foreigner, I want to start a business in Latvia and open a company. To register a company, you need to open a temporary account and to contribute capital into it. As far as I know, at present it is very difficult or almost impossible for a foreigner to open a temporary account in Latvia for a new company. Are there any solutions to this problem? 24.03.2023 I once received a residence permit as a citizen of Russia through the purchase of real estate. Now I have another citizenship – Israel. What should I do so that in the future I appear in the OCMA database as an Israeli citizen, and not as a Russian citizen? 03.03.2023 Are there any risks when selling real estate in installments? The buyer offers to make a down payment, and then pay a certain amount monthly. What happens if he stops paying? 27.02.2023 I am a citizen of Russia, whereas my mother, a citizen of Latvia, lives in Latvia. Can I apply for a residence permit based on the fact that I am the son of a Latvian citizen? 27.01.2023 I receive (at the address of my apartment) letters addressed to a company that, without my consent, uses my address as its legal address. How can I cancel such a registration of a legal address? 24.01.2023
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