Dual citizenship in Latvia

11.09.2023 Karina Katz, lawyer

Ten years ago, a citizen of Latvia could not simultaneously have the citizenship of another country – the Citizenship Law did not allow this. However, on October 1, 2013, amendments to the law came into force, and since then citizenship of Latvia may be retained for persons who have acquired:

  • Citizenship of another EU Member State or another EFTA Member State;
  • Citizenship of another NATO Member State;
  • Citizenship of Australia, Brazil or New Zealand;
  • Citizenship of such a country with which Latvia has concluded an agreement on the recognition of dual citizenship (no such agreement is currently concluded);
  • Citizenship of a country not referred to previously if due to important national interests permission from the Cabinet is received to retain dual citizenship;
  • Citizenship of a country not referred to previously if it has been acquired automatically (ex lege) through marriage or as a result of adoption.

Children of citizens of Latvia may hold dual citizenship with any country but be advised that after reaching the age of 18 and up to 25 years, a choice must be made – either a person keeps a Latvian passport or a passport of an “unpermitted” state. This requirement, however, does not affect those Latvian citizens who have acquired Latvian citizenship as descendants of exiles – i.e. citizens of Latvia who left Latvia in connection with the occupation in the period from June 17, 1940 to May 4, 1990.

A citizen of Latvia who has acquired citizenship with an unpermitted country has an obligation to submit an application for the renunciation of citizenship of Latvia within 30 days after acquiring citizenship of this country.

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