Our services

Corporate law

Purchase and sale of a business
Registration of amendments and reorganization of companies
Setting up companies, representative offices and any other structures, company liquidation

Financial law

Dispute resolution with banks
Opening of licensable financial structures in the EU

Immigration law

Assistance in obtaining work permits, visas and invitations
Registration of a residence permit
Registration of dual citizenship
Registration of obtaining a refugee status
Residence permit for investors
Residence permit in Latvia on all grounds provided by law

Business security

Business security services

Family law

Assistance in establishing and contesting paternity
Assistance in resolving the issue of trusteeship
Assistance in the division of joint property of spouses
Assistance in the preparation of prenuptial agreements
Assistance in the recovery of alimony
Assistance with marriage dissolution

Inheritance law

Obtaining inheritance
Registration of an inheritance
Search for relatives and reconstruction of a family tree

Administrative law

Appealing against administrative court decisions
Client representation in administrative commissions

Intellectual property

Trademarks and Designs

Labour law

Employment agreement
Representation of client’s interests in labor inspection and court
Termination of employment

Contract law

Contract Law
Transaction Support and Execution

Real estate

Legal relations in the field of construction
Property maintenance
Real estate transactions
Rent, lease and gratuitous use


Assistance in insolvency proceedings of legal persons
Assistance in insolvency proceedings of physical persons

Tax and Customs law

Appealing against the decisions and actions of tax and customs authorities
Tax advice

Representation in court and other instances

Appealing against court decisions and other decisions
Debt collection
Protection of the client’s interests in court and other institutions


Insurance compensation recovery
Legal advice in the field of insurance
Activities in the electronic environment
Determination of Legal Facts
Dispute Resolution With Mass Media
Dispute Resolution with Consumers
Organization and registration of import and export of pets
Providing legal opinions
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