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How to make a will correctly?

23.11.2023 Irina Stromberga, lawyer

At the moment, the Civil Law of Latvia recognizes two types of wills:

  • a private will is a will drawn up privately by the testator, and
  • a public will is a will drawn up by a notary.

A private will is written by the testator only and exclusively by hand; signatures of witnesses are not required.

A public will is written by a notary based on the wishes of the testator and issued in the form of a notarial deed. The original of the notarial deed remains with the notary, and the testator is given a notarized extract.

The choice in favor of a private will is usually made in order to save money, however, our Law Office Inlatplus strongly advises, before drawing up a will, to still consult with a lawyer or notary in order to correctly identify the heirs, correctly indicate the composition of the inheritance, and comply with the norms of the Latvian Civil Law on irrevocable heirs.

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