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I receive (at the address of my apartment) letters addressed to a company that, without my consent, uses my address as its legal address. How can I cancel such a registration of a legal address?

24.01.2023 Artyom Koposov, legal assistant

In this situation, you need to submit an application to the commercial register authority (Register of Enterprises), stating that you are the owner of the apartment and that this company, without any legal grounds, has registered its legal address at the address of the relevant immovable property.

The application should be written in a free form indicating your address to which the correspondence is coming and the name of the company.

Within two weeks, the Register of Enterprises will check all the information and then send a letter to the specified address in order to find out if the company itself is located at this address. You don’t need to respond to this letter, and one month after receiving this letter, the Register of Enterprises can begin the liquidation of this company.

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