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How long will the divorce proceedings take in court, and can the spouse be barred from using the spouse’s surname after the divorce?

12.05.2021 Aleksandrs Koposovs, the member of the board

If both spouses agree to the divorce, they can quickly decide this matter at a notary. But if one of the spouses does not agree, the divorce is granted only through the court. It is not possible to set a deadline for such proceedings, as there may be many hearings (for example, one of the parties did not appear and the hearing was adjourned to another date), and the courts themselves set the dates for the next hearing based on the circumstances and schedule.

Pursuant to Section 82 of the Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia, at the request of the spouse, the court may, if the interests of the children are not affected, prohibit the other spouse who facilitated the dissolution of the marriage from using the surname obtained in the marriage.

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