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In May my child has turned 18. He is studying at a technical school, does not work yet. Until which age the father is supposed to pay the child support? And what would be the size of the child support?

21.07.2021 Dmitrijs Sustovs, head of the Litigation department of the Law

As per the law, each parent must support their children until the children can support themselves.

According to judicial practice, the maximum age of the child up to which it is necessary to support him/her is 24 years, if the child continues his/her education (secondary, special or higher education) and does not work.

The law determines the minimum amount of child support only for minor children (up to 18 years old), therefore, the amount of child support for a child over 18 years old is determined by the court individually, taking into account all the circumstances of the case.

In your particular case, if the child’s father refuses to support the child, or the amount of child support is insufficient, the child himself has the right to file a claim in court for the recovery of child support.

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