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Are printouts and screenshots of websites admissible evidence in civil proceedings?

15.05.2024 Dmitrijs Sustovs, head of the Litigation department of the Law

Part one of Article 95 of the Civil Procedure Law provides that the court allows only means of proof provided for by law. Acceptable means of evidence are listed in Chapter 17 of the Civil Procedure Law: explanations of the parties and third parties, testimony of witnesses, written evidence, physical evidence, expert opinion and institutional opinion.

According to Article 110 of the Civil Procedure Law, written evidence is information about facts relevant to the case, and this information is recorded using letters, numbers and other written characters or technical means in documents, other records, as well as in relevant recording systems (audio , VCR tapes, computer disks, etc.).

Printouts and screenshots of websites meet the definition of written evidence and are admissible evidence within the meaning of the first part of Article 95 of the Civil Procedure Law.

To avoid a possible dispute about the authenticity of written evidence, it is recommended to record printouts and screenshots of websites with the help of a bailiff using a fact recording service.

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