Company monitoring – new service for our clients


Law office INLAT PLUS continues to expand the range of its services and offers a new service, which you might be interested in. Now you may trace important changes within companies of your clients, as well as receive recommendations regards the said changes and legal assistance in case of necessity.

With us you will be able to trace following information on your clients:

  • Changes within Enterprise Register (change of name, legal address, equity capital, shareholders, board members, etc.)
  • Commencement of judicial/extrajudicial legal protection proceedings, insolvency proceedings
  • Liquidation and reorganization of the company
  • Commercial pledges (registration, annulment, expiration, cession, extension, etc.)
  • VAT payer status annulment
  • Changes of natural person’s status (possibility to trace commencement or cancellation of natural person’s commercial activity, his/her representation rights)

Based on the obtained information you will be able to take appropriate decisions.

  1. React promptly in case your partner or employee has liquidated or registered a new company, became board member or proctor.
  2. Information on liquidation of a company will give you an opportunity to write off a debt, remove debtor-company from accounts.
  3. Upon initiation of insolvency proceedings – you won’t miss creditor meetings, i.e. prepare and submit creditor claim in a timely manner, participate on creditor meeting, dispute administrator decisions, purchase movable and immovable property of the debtor through auction.
  4. Execute your rights to claim upon release from pledge of client’s property.

Information regarding any changes will be provided to you in a manner which suits you the most. You will have an opportunity to react promptly and secure your business.

In the event you are interested in the foregoing services feel free to contact our law office. Tel. (+371) 67505970

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