COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE — provides rendering of different legal and the related services on a permanent basis within the limits of a contract concluded with us.

COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE — provides rendering of different legal and the related services on a permanent basis within the limits of a contract concluded with us.

COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE is offered to a client taking into account all spheres of his/ her commercial activities with the aim at carry on a long-term and successful business including: contracts, courts, legislation, taxation, audit, commercial structures formation, representation, real estate, covering the issues of transactions security, accounting support, etc. It is possible to find more detailed information regarding the scope of services rendered by our Company on our web site section “Services”.

The scope, forms and methods of service, as well as price for the COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE will be defined and set according to a client’s wish as agreed upon the parties. A lawyer providing continuous relationship and interaction with a client will be fixed after a particular customer. Within the limits of the COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE the specialists representing the highly qualified personnel of our office operating according to different profiles and providing settlement of any legal issue of a customer will be at a client’s disposal. As separately agreed with a client it is possible to involve the specialists representing public institutions — barristers, notaries public, public auditors, etc.

One of the key ideas of the COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE — is to save time of a client and provide maximum diversified necessary legal cover of his/ her business on the duly qualified level. A client enjoys the right of option of the scope of services rendered.There are certain advantages in a clients’ service within the limits of the COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE:

  • a client is provided with the personnel representing highly qualified specialists operating according to different profiles;
  • a specialist will go a the place of performance of a customer or at the place of service rendering including abroad;
  • it is possible to render legal service on the remote control basis (by Internet, facsimile and applying other modern telecommunication means);
  • documents will be made on any foreign language;
  • suitable location at the center of Riga (40, Brivibas Street) near a large parking space;
  • due practice experience of our specialists in the sphere of legal service rendering;
  • feedback available with a client, that is, we meet wish of a client and are able to offer the actions aimed at successful running of your business.

The values of COMPREHENSIVE LEGAL SERVICE for our clients lie in the fact that companies’ management is relieved from settlement of a lot of everyday problems, which enables to be engaged more close in its business development. It is the fact being interesting at the same time that companies’ accountants interested in not only the taxation related issues and also in legal aspects represent the largest consumers of legal services, as the management of many companies imposes just on them legal issues covering.

We should note that our bureau partner’s relationship established with many barristers and law offices in different countries allows expand the scope of matters settled by us for our clients abroad (in Germany, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia).

In view of the forthcoming joining by Latvia the European Union the inflow of foreign clients has increased who demand a particular attitude and greater scope of services. That is why we have expanded our service. So, for example, Italian businessmen who started their business in Latvia requested to include in the comprehensive legal service not only legal support on business foundation and the related service provision, but also premises for office, book-keeping and accounting support, a nominee to act as managing director, recommendations regarding banks, supply regarding real estate, etc. No doubt, they were duly provided with the necessary services covering their matters on representation basis.

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