Debt collection procedure after the end of the emergency situation regime

01.07.2020 Dmitrijs Sustovs, head of the Litigation department of the Law

On June 10, a special legal regime ended in Latvia – an emergency situation regime and a transitional period began, during which a number of rules were established aimed, in particular, at stabilizing civil law relations.

So, starting the process of collecting the debt, the creditor is obliged to notify the debtor in writing of the presence of debt and offer him to voluntarily fulfil overdue payment obligations.

In the notification it is necessary to indicate to the debtor information about the possibility in writing to express reasonable objections to the debt, its amount and payment terms.

The time limit for objections must be set at least 60 days from the receipt of the notification.

This norm is valid until September 1, 2020.

In case of non-compliance with this norm, the courts may either not accept the claims for debt collection, or leave the claims without consideration due to non-compliance with the mandatory procedure for pre-trial settlement of the dispute.

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