Charges and their amounts during the registration of the real estate property in the Land Register


In accordance with the article 106 of the law “About the land registers” and in accordance with the article 11 of the law “About taxes and charges” in the cases of the Land registers a state charge is made for ratifying in the land register the ownership rights, the mortgage rights and the clerical charges.The wages of the state charges are set in the rules of the Cabinet of Ministers Nr.28 “rules of state charges for the fulfillment of notarial actions and confirmation in the land register of the ownership and the mortgage rights” dated the 23rd of January 2001. According to these rules, to set the ownership rights in the land register in connection with the disposition (including donation) you should pay the following state charges in the amount of:

If the deal is made between relatives:

For children, spouses, parents, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, grandfathers and grandmothers – 0,5% from the cost of the real estate property (in lats), but not more than 1000LVL.

Between other physical and legal persons:

  • The disposition of property – 2% from the cost of the real estate property (in lats), but not more than 30000 LVL.
  • The donation of property – 3% from the cost of the real estate property (in lats), but not more than 50000 LVL.
  • The consolidation of the mortgage in the land book – 0,1% from the sum of the credit agreement (in lats), but not more than 1000 LVL.

To calculate the state charge, the cost of the real estate property is considered to be the highest index of the below mentioned:

  1. the sum mentioned in the agreement of alienation;
  2. cadaster (inventory) valuation of the real estate property;
  3. the index which is set pledged in the credit institution.

According to the article 107 of the law “About the land books” the following secretarial charges and their amounts are set:

  1. For opening of a new section 15 lats;
  2. For opening of a section of the apartment property 6 lats;
  3. For the consolidation of a new right;
  4. For the change and acquaintance of a consolidation, as well as for the insertion and acquaintance of a mark 2 lats;
  5. For the issue of the certificate of the land books 3 lats;
  6. For the issue of a certified computer printout regarding the appointment of a judge 2 lats;
  7. For written certificates, certificated extracts, copies and computer printouts from the section of the land register for each page, considering a not full page as a full page 0,40 lats, but not less than 1 lat and not more than 5 lats for a document;
  8. For reading of a section of the land register, the journal of consolidation and the case of real estate property for each hypothecary unit 1 lat and 20 centimes;
  9. For the issue of a non certified computer printout or its sending electronically 1 lat.
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