About the obligation of self-isolation

09.06.2020 Aleksandr Lenkovskis, member of the board

Based on the Cabinet of Ministers Order No. 291 “Amendment to the Cabinet of Ministers Order No. 103 “Regarding Declaration of the Emergency Situation”” from 3 June 2020, a person who has arrived to Latvia from Lithuania, Estonia, as well as from the European Union and European Economic Area countries, Switzerland and Great Britain, must comply with the 14-day self-isolation regime only in case if the number of cases per 100 000 inhabitants in the country from which the person has come exceeds 15 cases.

The number of cases in the specific countries can be found on the website of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control:https://www.spkc.gov.lv/lv/valstu-saslimstibas-raditaji-ar-covid-19-0 In the countries marked in yellow and red (at the time of this publication: Sweden, United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium and Ireland), the mark of 15 cases has been exceeded and, accordingly, a self-isolation regime must be observed when returning from such countries. The list is updated every Friday.

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