Learn More About Your Partner or Competitor


A new deal or an unfamiliar client? Learn more about your new partner or competitor!

Law office INLAT PLUS offers its clients a new service – search for business information on any company worldwide. You can have instant access to the comprehensive business database covering over 120 million companies worldwide. This electronic database has been provided by our partner – English company “RM Group”.

It is common knowledge that under the circumstances of financial recession businessmen are looking for new ways of business development. Those who do not give way to despair and keep on struggling for a place in the sun despite all the pessimistic forecasts will find our new service very helpful. So how can one distinguish a reputable company from a dishonest partner?

First of all, you should be very cautious. Any information about a prospective partner or client must be supported by information from trustworthy sources. There are very few sources providing in-depth and authentic information on foreign partners – most sources provide only general information.

Nowadays it is not enough to know that a company simply exists and has a registration number. Special attention should be paid to such factors as a company’s financial solvency, information on unfulfilled payment obligations, as well as on legal proceedings initiated against a prospective partner, information on management of the company, on the company’s capital and mortgages, stability assessment etc. Such information can be useful when dealing with not only existing partners and clients but also when establishing cooperation with new partners.

We are offering instantly available and convenient search for business information on any company from any country containing the following information:

  • Ownership and Management
  • Names of directors, shareholders or proprietors
  • Capital structure and shareholdings
  • Names and job titles of senior company personnel
  • Legal Status and History
  • Date of incorporation
  • Legal status, Company number and trading style
  • Registered address
  • Associated companies
  • Historical information, change of ownership
  • Full details of business activities
  • Description of premises
  • Number of employees
  • Financial Information
  • Extracts from or full balance sheets (if available) obtained from official registries or directly from the company
  • Registered mortgages and charges
  • Bankers
  • Credit Appraisal and Conclusion

In order to start your search please click on the banner “International Business Information”. All you have to do then is enter the name of the company you are looking for and you will immediately get access to all available information. Information prepared by our partner – an English company “RM Group” – is provided in English.

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