Law firm Inlatplus offers the following legal services in the field of copyright:

  • analysis of situations arising from copyright infringement, and the development of concepts and schemes for protecting the interests of the copyright owner;
  • advice on the origin, recognition and registration of authorship, use of the copyright object, transfer of copyright to the third parties, copyright infringement and holding perpetrators accountable;
  • development of documentation confirming authorship;
  • analysis and development of agreements, licenses and license agreements in the field of copyright (publishing agreements, agreements on the creation of audio, video and photo products, agreements between the employee and the employer on the creation of copyright work, agreements on the use of software, rental agreements for copyright objects and other);
  • preparation of claims to copyright infringers, as well as the submission of applications and other documents to public authorities monitoring copyright compliance, and holding perpetrators accountable;
  • representation and defense of the client in court on the issues of termination of copyright infringement, recovery of copyright remuneration and losses;
  • assistance in resolving issues related to appealing against the decisions of organizations for collective management of copyright, representing the client before such organizations, preparing statements, answers, claims, participating in negotiations;
  • advisory customer support.
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