Representation of client’s interests in labor inspection and court

Law firm Inlatplus provides the following legal services in the field of representing the client in labor inspection and court:

  • analysis of the situation due to the violation of the employee’s or the employer’s rights;
  • analysis of the employment agreement concluded with the employee and other documents signed by the employee and the employer;
  • preparation of applications, complaints, explanations and other procedural documents, their submission to the labor inspectorate and court;
  • collection and proper execution of evidence required in the process;
  • participation on behalf of the client in inspections of the client’s enterprise, conducted by the labor inspection;
  • visit to the labor inspection to provide explanations on behalf of the client;
  • participation on behalf of the client at court hearings regardung labor disputes (appealing against dismissal, recovery of the salary and other payments, including losses, etc.);
  • obtaining administrative and court decisions, appealing against them;
  • client support in the form of consultations.
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