Contract Law

Law firm Inlatplus renders legal services in the area of elaboration and analysis of agreements:

  • Elaboration and analysis of all kinds of agreements used in commercial activity:
  • purchase agreements, earnest money agreements, pledge agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements, guarantee agreements, barter agreements, allowance agreements, contractor agreements, transport agreement, commission agreements, as well as labour agreements, amicable agreements, marriage agreements, inheritance agreements etc.
  • Elaboration and analysis of all kinds of annexes to the agreements: acceptance statements, payment schedules, plans, specifications, technical assignments, arrangements etc.
  • Elaboration and analysis of all other documents used in commercial activity: commercial offers, letters of claim, objections, warnings, notifications, statements and agreements on termination, alteration and supplementation, as well as any other documents.
  • Consultations regarding amendments, violation, termination, validity, legality or interpretation of the above-mentioned documents.
  • Development of concepts and schemes aimed at protecting client’s interests regarding the performance and termination of the agreement.
  • Representation of the client and protection of his interests regarding the conclusion, performance and termination of the agreement, participation in negotiations.
  • Registration of agreements in corresponding authorities of Latvia (Register of Enterprises, Land Register, Patent Office etc.).
  • Invalidity of the agreement by judicial procedure.
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