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If an employee works on Saturday or Sunday based on an employment contract, is he or she entitled to any additional pay for holiday work?

25.09.2020 Aleksandrs Koposovs, the member of the board

If an employee performs work in excess of the specified working hours (for example, on holiday that is not a working day), such work is considered as overtime. An employee may be involved in such work only based on a written agreement between the employee and the employer.

In accordance with Section 68 of the Labour Law, an employee who performs overtime work shall receive a supplement of not less than 100 per cent of his or her salary. However, an employee and an employer may come to an agreement that the supplement to the employee for overtime work is substituted with paid rest in another period of time according to the number of overtime hours worked, and also on the procedures for granting such paid rest time (Paragraph 9, Section 136 of the Labour Law).

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