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How can I retract a media article if it defames me and harms my reputation?

21.12.2023 Dmitrijs Sustovs, head of the Litigation department of the Law

In accordance with Article 21 of the Law of Latvia “On the Press and Other Mass Media”:

1) Natural or legal persons have the right to claim that the media retract information published about them if it does not correspond to reality.
2) An application for retraction or apology for a false report must be submitted to the editorial office of the media within six months from the date of publication (broadcast) of the false report or information that offends honor and dignity.
3) According to part three of Article 21 of the Law, the application must clearly indicate false news or information that offends honor and respect, the place of publication (broadcast) and the date.
4) The media editor is obliged to consider the application within seven days from the date of its receipt.
5) If the media does not have evidence that the published (broadcast) information is true, it is obliged to immediately withdraw it. The review or apology must be published in the same font, in the same section of the publication (broadcast) in which false information or information that offends honor and dignity was published (broadcast). In the event of a dispute, the natural or legal person may seek retraction or apology for these communications through the courts.

According to current judicial practice, the court may impose the obligation to retract information that offends honor and dignity on the distributor of this information (i.e., the media). The person who is the source of these messages is not a defendant in a claim for the retraction of information that offends honor and dignity.

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