Use of e-address becomes mandatory

04.01.2023 Irina Stromberga, lawyer

At the end of 2019, the Saeima of Latvia adopted amendments to the Law on Official Electronic Address.

According to these amendments, the list of persons obliged to use the official e-address was replenished with “subjects of law registered in registers”. This means that any merchant, partnership, foundation, cooperative, trade union and other registered entities will be required to use an official electronic address to communicate with government agencies.

This obligation comes into force on January 1, 2023.

Ordinary individuals can also register an official email address, but this is not yet mandatory for them.

What is an official electronic address?

This is the e-mail address to which state and municipal institutions will send you all correspondence instead of paper messages to the legal address.

From this address you will be able to send correspondence to state and municipal institutions, and only to them. You cannot use the official email address to contact individuals and businesses.

The official e-mail address can be registered on the portal

To use an official e-mail address, you must have an electronic signature for identification. It is currently not possible to connect to an email address using bank identification.

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