The right to receive a latvian pension for US citizens

28.08.2023 Dmitrijs Sustovs, head of the Litigation department of the Law

If a US citizen permanently residing in the US previously worked in Latvia (including during the years of Soviet Latvia), then such a person has the right to request an old-age pension in Latvia, taking into account the retirement age and the necessary insurance period established by the laws of Latvia.

The Latvian pension will be calculated only for the length of service accumulated in Latvia.

In order to receive a Latvian pension, a person must submit an application for a pension to the State Social Insurance Agency (VSAA), which must be accompanied by documents confirming the length of service and equivalent periods of work in Latvia. When submitting an application by mail, it must be notarized and affixed with an APOSTILLE.

If a person does not have a work book, information about the length of service in Latvia can be requested from the Latvian National Archives by submitting a corresponding application there.

It should be noted that upon a separate request, the archive can send a certificate prepared in the form of an electronic document both to the applicant and directly to the VSAA.

The assigned Latvian pension to a pensioner residing in the USA can be transferred to a bank account indicated by him in Latvia, or to a bank account in the USA that allows money transfers in euros.

Thus, a US citizen has the right to claim to award of of the Latvian state retirement pension for the insurance period accumulated in Latvia, even if this person does not reside in the territory of Latvia at the time of application.

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