Search for relatives and reconstruction of a family tree

Each person has their own unique story. One’s ancestors once lived, loved, worked, fought, died, which means they are worthy of memory and honoring. Lately, people have started to take more and more interest in their roots and the history of their families. Not everyone has the opportunity and time to independently search for and restore family ties, since it’s a very serious research which would require a long-term communication with various public institutions, authorities, organizations, the study of materials from archives, museums, libraries, especially if they are located abroad.

Law firm Inlatplus offers:
• genealogy restoration of the families of different nationalities, including Jewish, who once lived in the territory of the Russian Empire, Austria-Hungary (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Austria), the USSR, the USA from the end of the 20th century dating back to the first half of the 18th century;
• ascertaining the fate of victims of political repressions in the 1930s and 1950s, obtaining copies of archives and investigations from the archives of the KGB;
• ascertaining the fate of the participants of the World War II and other military operations (death, burial place – including in Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany, injuries, awards, captivity, military tribunal, post-war service, personal files of officers), as well as officers of the Russian army of 1811-1917;
• obtaining certificates of evacuation from the archives of the Red Cross and local archives of the Volga region, Urals, Siberia, Central Asia and the Caucasus;
• search for open inheritances in the former USSR, Europe, Israel, the USA;
• search for heirs of open inheritance;
• search for living relatives around the world, the connection with whom was lost during the 20th century.

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