Registration of an inheritance

Law firm Inlatplus provides the following legal services in the field of inheritance both in Latvian, and namely:

  • Formalization of inheritance and coming into inheritance, distribution of inheritance;
  • Challenging decisions on the cause of death;
  • Determination of kinship;
  • Contesting wills and inheritance agreements in the court;
  • Gathering documents necessary for opening of an inheritance;
  • Determination of mass of the succession and its value;
  • Search for coinheritors in Latvia and abroad;
  • Settling of controversial issues with coinheritors;
  • Contesting inheritance in the court;
  • Legal protection of inheritance rights in the court;
  • Contesting the denial to separate a marital share from the inheritance;
  • Separation of compulsory and marital share of compulsory inheritors;
  • Restoration of inheritance rights in respect of property and real estate;
  • Consultations in the field of inheritance;
  • Protection of client’s interests against the insurer;
  • Vindication of insurance compensation.
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