Dispute resolution with banks

The law office Inlatplus offers the following legal services in the field of dispute resolution with banks:

  • legal assistance in returning the client’s funds in the event of the bankruptcy or liquidation of the bank, as well as in situations when the Control Service has frozen funds in the client’s bank account;
  • assistance in collecting and drawing up all the documents necessary to satisfy the creditor’s claim and return the money to the client;
  • preparation and submission of creditor’s application and other required documents to the insolvency administrator or the liquidator of the bank;
  • assistance in appealing against decisions of the Control Service where funds are frozen in a bank account;
  • participation in negotiation processes on behalf of the client in the settlement of a dispute;
  • preparation and submission of complaints about bank’s actions to the Financial and Capital Market Commission;
  • representation and protection of the client’s interests at the bank, the Financial and Capital Market Commission, the Control Service and the court;
  • client support in the form of consultations.
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