Opening of licensable financial structures in the EU

Law firm Inlatplus offers the following legal services in the field of opening and supporting licensed financial institutions:

  • advice on the activities and licensing of payment institutions and electronic money institutions;
  • full support of the registration of new companies, or introduction of changes to existing companies with the fulfillment of all requirements of regulatory requirements for payment institutions and electronic money institutions, including in relation to payment of fixed capital, requirements for the founders (shareholders) and officers of such companies;
  • preparation of an internal control system and other internal documentation (including with regard to the fulfillment of the requirements of the Law on preventing the laundering of illegally acquired funds and the financing of terrorism and violation of the sanctions regime) necessary for obtaining a license and further activities of payment and electronic money institutions;
  • representation of the client’s interests in the Commission on the market for finance and capital and in other regulatory bodies upon receipt of a license, approval of documents and on any other legal issues;
  • client support in the form of consultations.
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