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Is there still time to lodge a creditor’s claim with PNB bank? 08.01.2020 My bank account is frozen. Is it legal? What should I do? 27.09.2018 On what basis does the bank require the beneficial owner of the company to be disclosed when servicing the bank account? 27.01.2017 My wife and I are citizens of Kyrgyzstan, we live in Latvia on the basis of a permanent residence permit. Recently we were granted guardianship over a minor child – a citizen of Kyrgyzstan, we have a relevant decision of the Kyrgyz court. Can a child obtain a residence permit in Latvia? 28.02.2020 Is it possible to appeal against a decision on refusal to grant an asylum, and am I eligible to be in Latvia for the duration of the appeal? 16.09.2016 How much does a license for operations with alcoholic drinks cost, and what size of tax rates in Latvia is applied for alcohol and coffee? 31.03.2016 Could you advise how can I protect my copyrights on drawings and animation that I have developed for a customer’s computer game? 11.09.2015 Is it possible to broadcast in Latvia through a website based on a representative office in Latvia (a radio is available on the website, but streaming is carried out from a country that is not a member state of the European Union)? 27.03.2015 What sanctions can be applied for legal entities if you do not register video surveillance with the State Data Inspectorate? Are there any legal reasons not to register video surveillance? 18.06.2014 Alimony: up to what age to file, and where to go? 27.06.2013
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