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What documents are required to import a dog (with all vaccinations, a passport) to Malta. We are going to fly there in the summer. Maybe there are any special requirements? 24.01.2013 A year and a half ago, I purchased a TV in Latvia. The company that sold it refuses to make a free repair, explaining its answer with the fact that this model is given a 1 year warranty. I heard that under the law the warranty period cannot be less than two years, is that so? 17.10.2012 The Bureau of Insurers sent me a claim for damages, indicating that I am the owner of the car that caused the accident, causing losses to third parties. However, I sold my car a year ago and did not commit an accident. How legitimate are the requirements of the Bureau of Insurers? 09.07.2012 I inherited a quarter of the apartment. I want to share it with other owners, how can I do this? 01.06.2012 Tell us what happens during SIA bankruptcy: are employees of this SIA automatically considered dismissed, or is there some special procedure, or should the director issue a dismissal order? I am interested in a document, on the basis of which, in this case, a person can apply for unemployment status. 19.03.2012 By court decision, my employer became insolvent, but he still has salary debt for the last two months. How quickly can I get my salary and from whom now can I claim it? 13.02.2012 I work as a sales agent and often use the Internet to receive and place orders. Do I have the right to require the employer to pay my expenses for the Internet? 08.06.2011 I was flooded by a neighbor living above my apartment. How, in this case, should I act correctly and recover damages from him? 08.06.2011 Me and my son want to get a temporary residence permit in Latvia through the purchase of an apartment. My ex-husband (my son’s father) now lives in Georgia. Would I need any documents from him when obtaining a residence permit? 08.06.2011 I am a citizen of Latvia, my husband is English, and we registered our marriage in Ireland. We have separated a long time ago, now I live in Latvia. Is it possible to get a divorce from a notary in Latvia? 27.05.2011
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