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When transporting the cargo, the car of the transport company was involved in a traffic accident. As a result of an accident that did not occur through the fault of the carrier, the cargo was completely destroyed. Is the owner of the cargo entitled to demand compensation for the damaged cargo from the insurance company of the guilty person? 27.05.2011 I am planning to fly to my friends in Germany for the summer and I’d like to take my domestic ferret with me, since I have no one to leave it with. Can I take the ferret with me? What is needed for this? Any permissions, certificates, etc.? 19.05.2011 Hi, my name is Andrey and I am a citizen of Ukraine. I have long wanted to buy a real estate in Jurmala, I really like the nature and people of Latvia, I’d like to be able to come to Latvia in summer and relax with my family on the beach. I heard from my friends that in exchange for purchasing a real estate in Latvia, I can apply for a residence permit in Latvia, which gives me the right to freely move around the Schengen countries, which would also be convenient, as I often travel with my family in Europe. Is it possible to obtain a residence permit, if I purchase a real estate in Jurmala, and will my spouse and children also receive a residency alongside with me? 10.05.2011 The State Social Insurance Agency (VSAA) has decided to refund the overpaid seniority pension in the amount of LVL 5100. This overpayment has accumulated over the past five years. As per this decision, I must return this amount to the budget before the end of the year. Is this requirement legal? 10.05.2011 Do the shareholders of the company (LLC) have the right to intervene into the commercial (operational) activities of the company? 06.05.2011 What should I do if a handwriting sample is required from me? I’m a witness in a criminal case (initiated on the fact of fraud), and the investigator wants to take a sample of my handwriting. Can I refuse this, and what would be the consequences? 06.05.2011 I’ve bought an inflatable boat with a motor. Do I need to register it somewhere, and how much would it cost? 06.05.2011 Can I file a lawsuit against the employer to claim my salary if I don’t have my copy of the employment contract? 19.04.2011 Is it possible (if yes, then on what grounds) to exclude a shareholder from the limited liability company? 19.04.2011 Are there any special requirements for keeping dogs at home, and what would be the liability if they are violated? 11.04.2011
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