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I have a residence permit in Latvia on the basis of employment with a specific employer. Can I get unemployed status after being laid off and receive unemployment benefits?

14.09.2021 Maya Geraskina, tax consultant

In accordance with Part 2 of Article 2 of the Law of the Republic of Latvia “Unemployed and Jobseeker Support Act” a list of persons who are eligible for support from the state has been determined. These persons also include those who have the right to work for any employer in Latvia and who, in accordance with the regulatory enactments on work permits, have received a temporary residence permit (clause 10).

In other words, they are eligible for unemployment status and unemployment benefits. Two conditions must be met:

  • if social insurance duration (duration of employment spell) is not less than one year and social insurance contributions before acquisition of the status of an unemployed person were made or had to be made not less than for 12 months out of last 16 months period before acquisition of the status of unemployed person;
  • if the person has not moved to a permanent place of residence outside the European Union.

The status of unemployed and unemployment benefits can be obtained if the temporary residence permit has been issued with the right to work for any employer, and after the dismissal, the employee continues to live in Latvia on the basis of a valid residence permit.

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