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I am returning to Latvia. What requirements do I have to meet in relation to the implemented emergency?

16.04.2020 Ekaterina Nedilko, legal assistant

Based on the Cabinet Order No.103 “Regarding Declaration of the Emergency Situation” adopted on 12 March 2020, hereinafter – the Order, persons who have arrived from foreign countries:

  • must ensure self-isolation at the place of residence for 14 days. During this period of time they must stay at the place of residence and are not allowed to go to work, community, public, and other places where a large number of people is present;
  • must observe their health condition for 14 days and measure body temperature twice a day (in the morning and in the evening);
  • must call the number 113 or 8303 without delay if any signs of acute respiratory infection occur (cough, increased body temperature (fever), shortness of breath);
  • must not subject other persons to the risk of infection by reducing direct contact with other persons (not welcome guests, not go on private visits, etc.), and also without using the public transport.

Must use any of the following possibilities for the purchase of basic necessities or food:

  • door-to-door delivery, avoiding contact with the supplier;
  • delivery of food or goods which is ensured by relatives by leaving the purchased products at the door;
  • if there are no other solutions, visiting a store by putting on a face mask and maintaining a two-metre distance from visitors and employees of the store and at the time when there is the least number of persons, as well as strictly observing hygiene (for example, by washing hands, when coughing).

In addition, prior to return to Latvia the person shall certify in writing that upon arrival in Latvia he or she will comply with the special precautionary measures in accordance with requirements of this Order, including will ensure self-isolation.

The person shall indicate in the abovementioned certification his or her given name, surname, personal identity number, telephone number for communication, and the address of the actual residence where the person can be reached.

If the address of the actual residence differs from the address where the person will self-isolate, the person shall have an obligation to inform the State Police thereof without delay.

The previously – mentioned persons shall, indicating their given name and surname, personal identity number and telephone number, certify in writing that upon staying in Latvia they will ensure self-isolation after the working hours, will observe their health condition (by measuring body temperature twice a day – in the morning and in the evening), and will comply with the requirements referred to in the Order.

Moreover, the nationals of Latvia who return to Latvia after performing their work duties in the territory of Lithuania and Estonia shall provide the certification once every seven days, and also shall, upon request of the competent institutions, present the abovementioned certification when crossing the State border. The relevant carrier shall be responsible for the handing over of a filled-in certification of the person to the State Border Guard.

For non-compliance with the provisions of the Order, namely, for violation of epidemiological safety requirements in accordance with Section 42 of the Latvian Administrative Violations Code, a fine of 10.00 to 2,000 euros shall be imposed on natural persons, and from 140.00 to 5,000 euros on legal persons.

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