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We are a multi-child family, for 6 years we have been waiting for our turn to be able to obtain an apartment from the Riga municipality, but the queue is moving very slowly. In 2 years, the eldest child will turn 18, and we will lose the right to obtain an apartment from the local municipality. Is there a certain period within which the local government is obliged to grant an apartment? Are there any other government support programs for large families to solve the housing problem?

20.07.2021 Irina Stromberga, lawyer

Unfortunately, the normative enactments do not set the deadlines for providing large families with municipal housing. It all depends on the by the resources of each particular municipality.

In order to help multi-child families, the government has developed two programs: a state bank guarantee and a state subsidy for the purchase or reconstruction of housing. Both programs are being implemented by the state financial institution Altum. Both programs are implemented in cooperation with certain banks: Swedbank, SEB bank, Luminor, Citadele bank, PrivatBank and Bigbank.

To take advantage of these two state programs, a family should apply to one of the above banks for a loan for the purchase of housing or for the reconstruction of an existing housing (if as a result of the reconstruction the living space is to be increased). When filling out an application for a loan, a person must indicate that one wants to use one or both state programs: a state guarantee and / or state subsidy. If the bank decides to grant a loan, one should apply to Altum with the help of the bank, to be able to participate in these programs.

Of course, each program has its own conditions and one needs to meet certain criteria in order to participate. More information about these conditions and the programs can be found on the Altum home page.

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