Setting up a business and obtaining a residence permit in Latvia

11.03.2022 Aleksandrs Koposovs, the member of the board

Due to the ongoing situation in the world and since the temporary residence permit (TRP) program in Latvia still exists, more and more clients contact our office to receive legal services.

It should be mentioned that this program has not been canceled and it is still possible to obtain a residence permit in Latvia.

Law office Inlatplus is ready to provide all foreigners (including citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine) with services for opening companies in Latvia, registration of a residence permit and legal support.

At the moment, the most popular reasons for obtaining a residence permit through a company are two options:

  1. through the position of the member of the board in a Latvian company;
  2. through employment in a Latvian company.

The main requirements of the first option: the company must be registered in Latvia for at least 1 year, the salary of a member of the board should be not less than 2286 euros (gross) and the total of all taxes paid by the company must be at least 21350 euros per year.

The main requirements of the second option: the company can be newly established, the employee’s salary should be at least 1143 euros (gross), the vacancy has been posted in the Employment Service for at least 10 days, and documents confirming the education or work experience of at least 3 years in relation to the occupied positions.

It is important to understand that the above figures and conditions may change, but at the time of publication of this article the requirements are as described above.

For all additional questions, please contact us by e-mail: or phone numbers indicated on the website.

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