Activities in the electronic environment

Law firm Inlatplus renders services in respect of activity in the electronic environment:

  • consultations on violations commited in the internet (including placing of defamatory information discrediting honour and dignity), assistance in defining guilty persons and bringing them to responsibility;
  • preparation of pre-trial claims and lawsuits, assistance in fixing violations in the internet, client’s representation in the court;
  • elaboration and analysis of agreements on developing web-sites, agreements on rendering hosting services, agreements on rendering electronic communication services (internet, telephone, TV), agreements on purchase, lease and maintenance of web-sites, as well as all possible annexes (technical assignments, specifications, acceptance statements, additional agreements, payment schedules etc.);
  • consultations on alteration, violation, termination, validity, legality or interpretation of the above-mentioned documents, elaboration of concepts and client’s protection schemes, client’s representation and protection of his interests in the process of entering into, performance and termination of the above-mentioned documents, participation in negotiations;
  • preparation of application to be submitted to the Competition Council, Public Utilities Commission, Consumer Rights Protection Centre and other public and self-government authorities in respect of violations in electronic sphere, client’s representation in the relationship with these authorities, appealing against their decisions;
  • advisory customer support.
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