Organization and registration of import and export of pets

Each country has its own sanitary requirements for the import of animals into its territory. In the EU member states, these requirements are more or less similar, but the requirements of third countries can vary very significantly.

The basic requirements common to the vast majority of countries are: chipping of animals, a European passport, valid rabies vaccines and antiparasitic treatments. After that, sanitary and veterinary services of respective countries decide whether to put forward any further requirements in addition to these basic requirements. Some countries (such as Australia or New Zealand) put forward such tough requirements that animals can be brought there only if they arrive for a very long period of time, because meeting all these requirements takes up to six months and requires significant financial resources.

Before planning to travel abroad with your pet, we recommend that our clients familiarize themselves with the requirements of the veterinary services of the respective country in advance (at least three months in advance) in order to have an idea of ​​what steps are needed to be taken for unhindered entry into the country. Otherwise, there may be various unpleasant consequences: the animal may not be allowed into the country, or the animal may be forcibly quarantined for up to 20 days (of course, at the client’s expense). All this can disrupt the client’s plans, cause unplanned expenses and just spoil the mood.

Exporting pets from countries such as Russia and importing them to other countries that are not members of the European Union (for example, Australia or New Zealand) is an almost impossible task, since Russia is included in the list of countries with poorly controlled rabies. Although, if such import is carried out from the EU member-state (for example, from Latvia, which is a country with well-controlled rabies), then such export and import is possible with quite realistic requirements.

Law firm Inlatplus has extensive practical experience and knowledge in this area and is ready to provide its clients with services related to the organization of the import of pets into Latvia with their subsequent export outside Latvia to other countries, including the preparation of all documents related to this process.

Law firm Inlatplus provides the following services:

  • assistance in the preparation of all necessary supporting documents (animal passports, laboratory tests, veterinary certificates, health certificates);
  • assistance in organizing the transportation of animals;
  • representation of client’s interests in veterinary clinics;
  • representation of client’s interests in the Food and veterinary service, Latvian Customs Administration and other organizations;
  • representation of client interests in veterinary, customs and quarantine services of the host country;
  • organization of payment of relevant duties and other obligatory payments;
  • organization of temporary placement of the animal in Latvia and caring for it for the period of the necessary veterinary treatments and procedures;
  • accompaniment of the entire process of import and export of animals;
  • customer consultation.

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