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A web-site is using my name in its banner ad without my permission. I would like to know whether the web-site is violating my rights or any law. May I request the web-site to at least stop the advertisement? 02.03.2010 Черновик 23.02.2010 I do computer graphics and publish works in online photobanks where they can be purchased. According to standard licensing agreements, the buyer does not have the right to resell the image, replicate it, mass produce stickers, badges and other things where the image remains an image. Found that one British online store offers for sale stickers on laptop computers with my images. I haven’t contacted the photobank yet, since they don’t oblige themselves to protect the images in any situation, but I would like to stop the illegal use of the products. I live in Latvia, the photobank seems to be American, the store is British. In general, I, of course, do not mind someone releasing stickers with my images, but I want to get my share of the copyright for this. Can I ask the seller for stickers to pay a fine and share part of the profit? Or, if the pictures were transferred to the photobank, I can do nothing but demand to stop the illegal use? Is it worth making a test purchase of a sticker to have proof? 22.02.2010 I took out a loan from a company for a term of 10 years. I received a letter of claim from the administrator requesting to return the loan in full. Is it lawful for administrator to request the pre-term loan repayment? 18.02.2010 I’ve been involved in a road traffic accident which wasn’t my fault. My car was crashed so I turned to the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. The insurance company had paid out insurance indemnity only after 4 months. The problem is that I’m a taxi driver and was deprived of my earnings due to the fault of the insurer. May I receive compensation for lost profits from the insurance company? 18.02.2010 A friend of mine asked me to lend him some money. Though I know that person for a long time, I want him to issue a relevant promissory note. Therefore I would like to know whether it is necessary to notarize the promissory note or not? 16.02.2010 I drove at 50 km/h – permitted speed limit in a populated area. The traffic police stopped me and informed that the speed limit was exceeded. I asked to show the speed displayed on the radar, but the police officer informed me that he used a built-in radar and he’s not obliged to show it. After that a report-decision was drawn-up for the imposing of the fine. I would like to know whether such actions of the police are lawful? 15.02.2010 I want to divorce my husband as fast as possible, but heard that divorce can take a lot of time. Is there a way to make it faster? 15.02.2010 Tell us what happens during SIA bankruptcy: are employees of this SIA automatically considered dismissed, or is there some special procedure, or should the director issue a dismissal order? I am interested in a document, on the basis of which, in this case, a person can apply for unemployment status. 10.02.2010 I want to marry an Englishman. We would like to conclude a marriage here in Latvia. What documents are needed for this? Does the registry office provide an interpreter for such cases, or can we invite an ordinary person from among our friends who speaks English? 09.02.2010
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