Rent, lease and gratuitous use

Law firm Inlatplus provides the following legal services in the field of rent, lease and gratuitous use:

  • analyzing and preparing rental, leasing and gratuitous use contracts, their annexes, including delivery and acceptance certificates, notices on termination, claims and warnings regarding the unfulfilled obligations;
  • participation in negotiations for the conclusion and execution of the abovementioned contracts;
  • reconciliation and making of amendments and additions to concluded contracts;
  • developing concepts and schemes to protect the interests of the lessor or lessee in case of disputable situations;
  • registration of real estate lease rights with the Latvian land registry offices;
  • assistance in the settlement of failure to fulfill contractual obligations, including damage to or loss of a used thing;
  • assistance in execution the termination of contractual relations;
  • representation of the client in court in the collection of rent, utility and other payments, in the settlement of disputes of different character, also in cases related to termination of the lease relations;
  • client support in the form of consultations.
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