Real estate transactions

Law firm Inlatplus renders a full range of services in the field of real estate in Latvia:

  • full legal support of purchase, sale, gift, barter, rent transactions, pledge of apartments, houses, plots of land, building complexes and other objects, as well as their undivided shares, preparation of document drafts and representation of the client’s interests in the deal;
  • safety provision of real estate transactions, real estate inspection (ownership, pledge, burdens, seizure) before making a transaction, verification of powers of attorneys-in-fact and executive officers, identification of potential risks and proposal development of risk elimination;
  • assistance in the correct document execution, as well as formalizing a transaction with a purpose of obtaining a temporary residence permit in Latvia;
  • assistance in obtaining a credit for purchasing a real estate, representation of the client’s interests in the negotiations with banks when obtaining, repaying and restructuring credits;
  • real estate search in Latvia for personal needs (houses, apartments etc.), as well as for business (office, industrial, warehouse premises and other premises), tenant (lessee) search;
  • registration of the real estate in the Land Register, registration of amendments in the Land Register records, assistance in drafting inventory files and their actualization;
  • representation of interests of the real estate owner in the relationship with the Land Register, government and self-government authorities, courts, as well as any other third parties;
  • consultations in the field of taxation of real estate transactions;
  • organization of real estate appraisals performed by licenced appraisers for the purpose of obtaining a credit or a loan or in order to sell the property;
  • assistance in separation, division and merger of the real estate, formalization of the way the co-owners of the joint property are going to use it, including drafting the agreement on joint use of the property;
  • assistance in entering the real estate into the equity capital of the company;
  • legal support of construction projects of new apartment buildings (as well as shopping centres), including preparation of the document set containing the following agreements: downpayment agreement, purchase agreement, agent (brokerage) agreement, real estate purchase agreement, co-owners agreements on restriction on right of property, rent agreements, service and management agreements, as well representation of a client (project developer) in the process of signing agreements with clients (buyers, lessees), registration and division of the real estate into separate apartments;
  • legal support of formalization of the inheritance and transfering title of the legatees;
  • legal assistance in resolving disputes in the field of the right of property or rent.
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