Legal relations in the field of construction

Law firm Inlatplus provides the following legal services in the field of construction:

  • analysis and preparation of construction contracts, company contracts for the carrying out of repair and construction works, contracts for the supply and installation of various types of equipment and the annexes thereto (estimates, work schedules, acceptance and delivery certificates, etc.);
  • drawing up of legal opinions on the performance and breach of the aforementioned contracts, on the rights and obligations of the customer and the contractor, on the legal possibility of claims concerning the quality of work or on non-payment, of bringing legal proceedings or of explanations of claims;
  • participation in negotiations between the customer and the contractor in the settlement of a dispute;
  • preparing claims, warnings, reminders and other written claims in the event of non-compliance with the contract as well as substantiated claims in relation to the claims received;
  • legal assessment of claims received from the customer or the contractor;
  • preparation of various types of agreement to resolve the dispute;
  • assistance in the organization of expert opinions on the quality and scale of the work carried out;
  • representation and protection of client’s interests in court in case of dispute;
  • client support in the form of consultations.
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