Registration of obtaining a refugee status

Law firm Inlatplus provides the following legal services in the field of registration of a refugee status:

  • analysis of the situation and provision of explanation for the possibility to obtain a refugee status in Latvia;
  • assistance in drawing up an application for refugee status granting in Latvia and all other necessary documents;
  • collection and proper drawing up of evidence, facts and circumstances mentioned in the application;
  • client support and assistance in submitting an application and other documents to the State Border Guard of Latvia;
  • collection, drawing up and submission of additional documents necessary for claiming refugee status in Latvia;
  • assistance in obtaining the asylum seeker’s personal document;
  • client support and assistance during the interview process in the course of the proceedings;
  • receiving and analyzing the decision of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs on granting, extending the period of examination of documents and refusing to grant refugee status in Latvia, and providing the client with relevant explanations regarding the consequences of such decision, the client’s rights and obligations;
  • appeal against the above mentioned decisions of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to the head of the Office and to court;
  • client support in the form of consultations.
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