Assistance in obtaining work permits, visas and invitations

Law firm Inlatplus offers its clients assistance in issuing invitations to obtain visas for the purpose of business and personal trips to Latvia, including the right to employment in the territory of the Republic of Latvia based on an employment agreement or enterprise agreement. 

The services include:

  • Advice and assistance in the preparation of documents that confirm the link of inviting person with a foreigner. These can be documents confirming the cooperation – the various agreements, protocols, plans, orders, employment or enterprise agreement, as well as any other written confirmation of a foreigner need to stay in Latvia.
  • Consultations on issues related to the acknowledgment of professional experience in the profession.
  • Consultations on the necessary financial resources and covering of related expenses.
  • Assistance in obtaining documents proving the compliance of professional qualifications with the relevant requirements of the Republic of Latvia.
  • The publication of vacancy on the website of the State Employment Agency.
  • Preparation of invitations and their approval in the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.
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