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My mother’s sister lived in Moscow. She died. She had no children. Can I claim an inheritance if in Moscow she has other relatives (not close). Previously, I talked with them, they give documents stating that the cost of an apartment in the center of Moscow and a new car together do not exceed 10,000 USD, of which they agree to give half if I am recognized as the heir. What should I do in this situation? 27.01.2010 Why is it forbidden to carry a weapon to concerts in Latvia if I have the right to carry a weapon according to the law? 27.01.2010 I’m not able to perform the obligations of the mortgage loan agreement due to financial difficulties for about 6 months now. The bank (in Latvia) is ready to extend the loan repayment period only in case of my consent to the amendments of the loan agreement, which prescribe the rise of the interest rate. Otherwise my property will be sold through auction. Is there any way to solve this problem? 27.01.2010 My wife and I took an apartment on credit for 15 years. Now we would like to give an apartment to the eldest daughter, but we were told that the Orphan’s court will never allow to give the child an apartment on which the loan “hangs”, because this is not in the interests of the child. Is this really so? We have a stable financial situation and I personally see no reason for concern. 27.01.2010 I am a mortgage guarantor of my friend. Recently, a decision came from the court, from which it follows that the amount of the loan and interest were recovered from me. I did not know anything about any lawsuit and did not receive subpoenas. Are bank and court actions legal? 27.01.2010 My friend, a citizen of Kazakhstan, is interested in how she can obtain a permanent residence permit in Latvia. She has information that in the case of the acquisition of real estate in the amount of about 250,000 euros, she can get a residence permit. Please provide an explanation on this. 27.01.2010 The question for experts is whether a law has already been passed that removes responsibility from editors of Internet portals for user comments posted on these portals (inciting ethnic hatred, calls for violence, etc.)? And the second question, what is the law called (or maybe someone can name its point) where you can read the full description on this topic. 27.01.2010 I was called by the director and offered to quit in a good way, since there is a crisis in the country and the company cannot support the previous number of employees. In this regard, he offered me to sign an agreement on the termination of labor relations from tomorrow. What should I do in this situation? Are the actions of the employer legitimate? 26.01.2010
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